Wooden Swimming Pools

Above Ground, easy & quick installation, no construction approval required! Dive in Our Above Ground Wooden Pools. Made Just For You!

We care about your children safety!

Children safety is always a major concern for us while we are designing our range of Wooden Swimming Pools. The combination of detachable external ladder and freestanding installation makes the pool ideal for children and their cautious parents. Although our products are kid-safe, please remember that the children should always use the pool under the direct supervision of an adult..

Above Ground Wooden pool Children Safety

Swim in quality and style

There are days when we all would love to just swim away from daily troubles. We perfectly get it! Therefore, our biggest wooden pool is over 8 metres long and it will give you enough space to swim. Dive in, we made it just for you!

Free Standing Above Ground Pool
In ground Wooden  Pool

In Terrace Wooden  Pool
Indoor Above Ground Pool


Water Depth: 1 m

Capacity: 5.56 m3

Dimensions: 355 x 307cm

above ground pool Santorini size
above ground pool Santorini dimensions


Water Depth: 1 m

Capacity: 8,95 m3

Dimensions: 434 x 376cm

above ground pool Aruba size
above ground pool Aruba dimensions


Water Depth: 1 m

Capacity: 9,98 m3

Dimensions: 434 x 401cm

above ground pool Barbados size
above ground pool Barbados dimensions
Sustainable Beauty

Sustainable Beauty

Natural materials used to build our products will help you seamlessly blend your pool into natural surroundings. Create a warm, natural look in your garden.

Solid and Aesthetics

Solid and Aesthetic

Our pools are made of carefully selected wood from Scandinavian forests. Thanks to our unique wood protection method, they last longer. We can guarantee you that!

8 years Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

We are confident and proud of our top-quality materials and smart design. Therefore, all modular pools are coming with up to 8 years warranty.


Water Depth: 1 m

Capacity: 16,21 m3

Dimensions: 537 x 496 c

above ground pool Tahiti size
above ground pool Tahiti dimensions


Water Depth: 1.13 m

Capacity: 20,07 m3

Dimensions: 560 x 517cm

above ground pool Mauritius size
above ground pool Mauritius dimensions

Puerto Rico

Water Depth: 1.06 m

Capacity: 18,87 m3

Dimensions: 627 x 396cm

above ground pool Puerto Rico size
above ground pool Puerto Rico dimensions


Water Depth: 1.06 m

Capacity: 27,82 m3

Dimensions: 698 x 467cm

above ground pool Capri size
above ground pool Capri dimensions


Water Depth: 1.20 m

Capacity: 40,75 m3

Dimensions: 897 x 496cm

above ground pool Jamaica size
above ground pool Jamaica dimensions


Water Depth: 1.20 m

Capacity: 36,80 m3

Dimensions: 801 x 463 cm

above ground pool Flores size
above ground pool Flores dimensions

Wooden Pool Filtration Enclosures

Securely house your pool filtration and heating and prevent children from accessing them. Single and Double front doors. Enclosures are available both in Standard and Premium finishes. Premium version is suitable for in-ground installation.

Wooden Filtration Pump Room

Extra Strength and Safety

Get extra covers and add more structural strength to your pool’s crown. Smoothen corners of the wooden top deck and add a classy look to your pool. This option is available in standard plastic and luxury stainless steel outfits.

Get Extra Structural Strength

Cooling System

If you are looking to cool your wooden pool, we have an excellent solution for you. Extend your pool joy during sunny days, when the temperature tops.

Cooling System

Pool Lighting

Bring special magic to your pool at night! Our quality waterproof LED lighting comes in two versions: white and multicolour.

Pool Lighting