Warranty Swimming Pool, Spa, Swim Spa, Movable Floor


Swimming Pools Warranties

The general warranty applies to the pool’s wall panels and steps, parts, such as the skimmer, water return, bottom drain and pipes, and equipments not made by Desert Grove Pools & Spas such as lights, pump, filter, chlorinator, waterfall, salt system, heat pump, water heater and ozonator. This text does not include warranties on the pool liner and installation, each of which is the subject of a separate and distinct document. these documents are listed below :

General Warranty - Installation Warranty - Liner Warranty

Movable Floors Warranties

  • Movable Floor products are made with superior strength and durability
  • Two-years parts and labor warranty
  • Ten-year structural warranty
  • Extended warranty and service plans are available

Swim Spas Warranties

The Desert Grove Pools & Spas Warranty covers the following components :

  • The shell, the main element of which is the basin;
  • The foundation, the main elements of which are beams and poles also called the structure;
  • The acrylic finish applied to the basin in the Shell;
  • The electrical equipment, consisting primarily of the water heater, pump(s), ozonator, masterboard and other electrical apparatus and accessories;
  • The plumbing, consisting primarily of the wall fittings, jet inserts, internal plumbing, sealing rings and joints, coupling, freeze-protection drain valve, filter compartment and light lenses;
  • Various accessories and devices (“Other Components”), consisting of the spa cabinets (also called skirtings), cover, jets, headrests, light bulbs, optical fibers, light emitting diodes (LED) and In Clear and In Touch controllers.

General Warranty