Swimming Pool Repairs & Upgrades

As experts in the pool maintenance and repair industry, we understand the importance of finding anexperienced technician to handle all your pool and spa needs.

Whether you need scheduled weekly or monthly checkups on your pool- or if you need pool equipment repairs– Desert Grove Pools & Spas is the most trusted company for pool services.

With our central location, we are able to respond quickly to any service requests for repairs and all our technicians have many years of experience and training in pool maintenance.

Pool Equipment Repair

When it comes to pool equipment repair, it is imperative to hire someone you trust. Improper handling of repairs can lead to bigger, and more expensive, issues later. We handle professional services for private pools and community pools, and we’re prepared to help with whatever type of pool you have.

When everything runs properly within your pool system, your monthly maintenance expenses decrease throughout the year. We care about keeping your expenses down, which is why our customers trust Desert Grove to get the job done right the first time.

We specialize in the following pool equipment repair services:

Pool Pump Repair

Your swimming pool’s water pump is the main component of the pool’s circulation system. The pump takes water from the pool through the main drain to the filter and returns it back to the main pool. When the water pump is not working correctly, your beautiful pool is not able to properly filter and pump clean water, causing your pool to become dirty and potentially hazardous for swimming.

If your pool has an older water pump, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the new pump technology that lowers energy cost by up to 60%. Today’s new pumps can be programed to run at variable speeds during the day and/or night. Variable speed pumps can significantly reduce the energy needed (thus the cost associated) with the filtration, cleaning, and circulation of your swimming pool. Variable speed pumps are also much quieter and last longer than traditional single speed pumps.

If you are experiencing problems with your water pump, or feel that it’s time to upgrade your water pump to a new, energy-saving model, call us today. One of our trained professionals will come out and give you a consultation. Let us get your pool back to operating at optimal conditions!

Pool Heater/Cooler Repair

At Desert Grove Pools & Spas, we believe you should be able to enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool all the time. A benefit of living in the UAE is that, with the simple addition of a pool cooler, we have the option of swimming year-round! Pool Coolers allow you to comfortably swim in your pool even when it’s hot out. As a pool owner, don’t you just love being able to go for a dip in the pool whenever you feel like it?

During the hotter months of summer, a functioning swimming pool cooler is important. If the cooler is having issues, one of our skilled technicians will come out to check the gas valve, pumps, cooler pilot, cooler bypass, etc.- and we will repair or replace your pool cooler and any related equipment at an affordable price.

Pool Cleaner Replacement

Anyone who owns a pool is grateful pool cleaners were invented, as they are constantly doing your pool’s “housework” for you! Automatic pool cleaners are a necessary supplement to a weekly total clean. However, when these cleaning machines break down, it can become a nightmare to find someone you trust to replace or repair it at a reasonable cost. At Desert Grove Pools & Spas, we believe in offering high-quality service that does not break your monthly budget. We are ready and able to repair or replace any pool cleaner equipment you have that isn’t working properly.

Pool Filter Replacement

When you own a pool, having a working pool filter is extremely important. Your pool filter plays the same role as that of a human body’s liver, in that it filters your pool to keep debris from harming the system. When your pool filter is damaged or not functioning correctly, it is unable to do its job and can lead to damaging results. The first sign of a filter problem can be the pressure gauge consistently reading above 30psi. If your pool filter is having problems, call us today. We will come out and perform a full examination of the pool’s filtration system, pinpoint the problem, and make sure that it’s fixed as soon as possible.

Leak Detection

Desert Grove Pools & Spas provides leak detection services for swimming pools and spas. We use a combination of skill and experience along with state-of-the-art equipment to detect these various types of leaks. Our commitment to quality service, excellent customer service, experience, and knowledge makes us a leader and a preferred company for pool leak detection. Call us today and let us help you save money!

The responsibility of maintaining a pool can be a lot of hard work. It does require time, money, and energy- and for many of us, those three things are in short supply.

This should not stop you from having the pool of your dreams, however! As masters of everything pool, this is where Desert Grove Pools & Spas shines. We will do the job for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool!

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service at a cost-effective price. Whatever your pool needs may be, call us today! One of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will come out to help you with any pool equipment repairs maintenance, and service needs. From leak detection and filter cleaning to swimming pool heater and equipment replacement.

Updating or Improving Your Pool

Do you need re-plastering, remodeling, or some other pool renovation? Are you envisioning a newer, bigger, better, or more technologically advanced swimming pool?

We are experts at all types of pool renovation, including remodels, repairs, and improvements. If you’re ready to show your pool some love, or if it’s time for a major backyard upgrade, give us a call! We will carefully analyze your current pool, walk you through the various options available to achieve your desired results, guide you in choosing the best solutions, and prepare a detailed cost estimate for the pool renovation you’ve selected.

We have the skills and experience needed to complete any job, no matter what your pool improvement needs may be. We’ve done everything from straightforward re-plastering jobs to extensive pool expansions. We’ve even partnered with other vendors to unveil complete outdoor environments! There are so many features to consider for creating the pool of your dreams! We are the most passionate about making your dream pool a reality. There are many little aspects to pool renovations that require more than just skilled and experienced hands, they need care and appreciation too in order to be done properly. We promise to treat your pool build as if it was our own. A happy Desert Grove Pools & Spas'pool owner is our only definition of success.

Desert Grove Pools & Spas Renovations Playbook:

  • Resurfacing your pool with a luxurious and long lasting marble or quartz surface.
  • Designing a mosaic of waterlines tiles to run along your pool's edge and connect to your spa.
  • Installing coping of your choice around your pool - safety coping or something more decorative.
  • Updating your coping and water line tiling together are a common pairing which our Desert Grove Pools & Spas consultants recommend.
  • Adding a new pool deck or resurfacing your existing one with stamped decorative concrete, custom stone, travertine stone, or pavers.
  • Structural landscaped areas around the pool area.
  • Adding pool control automation features that allow you to control all pool settings remotely from your smartphone.
  • Add a Movable Floor
  • Adding a spa or hot tub to your existing pool setting.
  • Adding a beach entry, baja step, handrails, or a water slide.
  • Converting your pool to a saltwater system.
  • Adding Fountains
  • Adding LED lighting features in and around your pool. Many color selections are available.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your pool, such as by using a solar pool heater.

The exciting ideas are endless...