Sliding Deck Pool Covers

The pool covering solution that evolves with your outdoor needs

Mobile Patio

Escale covers your pool with a rigid, elegant, safe and convertible surface, making your pool surface area useful, even when the pool isn’t in use.

Mobile Patio

Range of Applications


• Outdoor joinery quality aluminium structure

• Qualicoat label, black, sand-blasted scratch-proof powder-coating

• Extruded polypropylene sloping panels to drain off rainwater and dirt

• Ipe decking, structure only possible on request

• Standard 22 cm step height

• 316L grade stainless steel hardware, metal work and machined parts

• Industrial load-bearing wheels with bearings .

Technical Description

Additional Technical Description

• Sleek design: everything is built-in, no protrusions, no visible screws or rails

• Built-in fold-away pole for manual control

• Ergonomic movement:

- Standing position

- Pole centred along the platform axis and height adjustable

• Built-in lock safety on the manual version

• Invisible motorisation with limit switches and motor brake locking.

smart phone mood lighting

Smartphone Control & Mood Lighting

• Choice of a key-operated switch or a smartphone app to open and close.

• Smartphone app controlled LED mood lighting around the edges.


A Connected Product

Supported by an electronic board and an application to able you to control the Sliding Deck Pool Cover directly from your smart phone.


A Simple System

The simplicity of use and the low impact on the pool, makes our system suitable for individuals and professionals.

easy install

Quick Installation

Desert Grove Sliding Deck Pool Cover is installed couple of days by two people. It is integrated without alteration to existing pools.

Sliding Deck Safety

Sliding deck pool covers are generally considered safe because they provide a stable barrier between the pool water and the surrounding area. In other words, there’s no way your toddler is going to move the deck and get to the pool on their own.

With our different design and operating options for sliding decks, small children should find it difficult to access the pool with either manual or automatic cover designs.

As an added safety precaution, the automatic mobile deck pool covers typically require a key or code to operate, leaving very little chance for misuse.

Our manual rolling decks usually has safety locks to keep them from sliding around when the pool is open. When the pool is closed, the deck cover will likely be too bulky and heavy for a small child to move, especially with the locks back in place.

Why Select a Desert Grove Sliding Deck Pool Cover?

They Create More Space | They Can Save Energy | They’re Effective | They Look Nice| They’re Safe | They Last a Long Time