Stainless Steel Pools

Exceptional quality - Pools for eternity

One-piece Construction


- Seamless pool walls up to 9.1 m -

- Quick and smooth installation thanks to ready-made one-piece pools -

- Fast delivery times

- Wall and bottom insulation included as standard -

- Reinforced pool walls -

- High-quality installation parts from renowned suppliers -

Individual Pools

Individual Pools

You are planning a new building and have special architectural ideas about the implementation?

We create the stainless steel pool exactly according to your wishes.

From special pool geometries to individual equipment and design according to your ideas - we fulfill your wishes. This construction method is also ideally suited for renovations of existing pools. We adapt the new concept to the existing conditions and create a new pool landscape for you.

Stainless Steel Self Supporting

Pools for eternity

“The dream of a pool looks a little different for everyone. At Desert Grove Pools & Spas, our goal is to make your dream of a pool come true. With our years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel swimming pools, we are true professionals in the design and construction of stainless steel pools..”

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“Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, a family swimming pool or a pool with a counter-current system for sports enthusiasts – a stainless steel pool is an acquisition for life. Strictly speaking, for eternity.

The result will speak for itself.”

Stainless Steel Advantages

    Low maintenance compared to alternative pool materials Consistent appearance of the material - no fading, as UV and weather resist Permanent density due to welding of the joints and the resistant material Most beautiful appearance and luxurious design. Almost any shape and countless designs can be realized Short construction time due to prefabrication of stainless steel parts The best solution in terms of hygiene. Without joints or rough surfaces, bacteria cannot settle so easily Stainless steel pools are the only pools that basically do not require structural static support.
 Design Services


01 Planning of the overall concept garden, roof terrace, hall

02 Technical planning pool and interface description

03 Construction preparation - foundation plate and technical room

Construction Services


04 Placement of the components

05 Pool assembly

06 Set up water technology

07 Electrical wiring of the components, connect fresh water and sewer

08 Construction work: Produce subsoil for pool surround

09 Complete pool surround and garden work



10 Install cover, fill water, start up pool and technology

The Self Supporting Stainless Steel Pool

We have developed a new concept for you, in which you no longer need a concrete tank and the pool is built self-supporting. This construction method is not only faster, but also cheaper than the conventional variants. Through our modular system you can design your pool according to your wishes..

Pools for Eternity - Seamless Stainless Steel Finishes

    stainless steel anti-slip finish
    stainless steel mirror finish