Dubai Hills


Project Description:

The White Mirror Pool, with a beautiful reflection between the blue Skies and the White Pearl Glass Mosaic Tiles.


Special Features:

Pool General Characteristics:  
Pool Type In-Ground
Pool Concept Mirror Pool - Overflow All Sides
Pool Location Outdoor
Pool Dimensions (L x W x Dmax) 12 x 4.2 x 1.7 (m)
Pool Surface Area 50 m2
Pool Water Volume 65 m3
Pump Room Type Underground Concrete
Pool Finishing:  
Finish Type Glass Mosaic Tiles (20 mm x 20 mm)
Coping Type Porcelain
Pool Lights & Fittings:  
Lighting Type LED Blue
Fittings Type ABS
Pool Recirculation:  
Filter Size 620 mm
Number of Filters 1
Filter Media Sand
Automatic Back Wash System Yes
Pump Size 2.0 HP
Number of Operating Pumps 1
Number of Standby Pumps 1
Pool Water Treatment:  
Type Salt Chlorination + pH
Automatic Dosing System No
UV Disinfection No
Pool Automation & Temperature Control:  
Smart App Control No
Heat Cooling Pump Provisional