Concrete works in 1 day. The concrete sets in one go this ensures a perfectly homogeneous one-piece structure


Strength and Durability with Mono-Block construction process Self Supporting Not Deformable Not Crackable Earthquake Resistant


Watertight by Itself on both sides. The concrete is poured in only one go, without any splice no structural brittleness


MARINAL has the patent for this construction watertight method. Awarded twice at the World Swimming Pool Show in 2004 and 2008 for its construction innovations


Any Finishing. Free Form or Rectangular Made to order, beautiful designs that are individual and unique

Advantages of Mono-Block concrete:
  • It adapts to any grounds. Shoring walls on uneven grounds. Seismic areas.
  • Welded wire mesh structure; anti-cracking guaranteed.
  • Homogeneous pouring of concrete.
  • One-piece construction watertight guaranteed, even without a liner.
  • Strength and durability
Risks related to shotcrete technique and blocks:
  • Deformation of the structure due to the thrust of the water volume of the pool, or due to the soil.
  • Cracks and water ingress. The breeze blocks and the shuttering blocks are not waterproof guaranteed.
  • Growth of bacteria and mould between the breeze blocks and the liner.
  • Crumbling of the breeze blocks after removing the liner.
  • Unreliability over time.
Features Marinal
Mono Block
Installation time* 2 weeks
Quick & easy Installation
Importance of the blocklayer's work
Importance of the nature of Soil
Construction in 1 go
Accepts all coatings
Waterproof in 2 directions
Not Deformable
Not Crackable
Earthquake Resistant
Control of the Concrete Homogeneity
25 years warranty
Risky Evolution of the supports
Limited Volume & Weight

* From date of issuance of all Construction Permits - Installation Time: includes Excavation & Liner Finishing


We work closely with your
architect and construction team
to realise your specific


We work onsite alongside the
construction team to install, build
and complete the perfect project


To ensure you are consistently
well looked after, we provide
local, onsite servicing and annual
maintenance checks

Strength of Mono-Block Concrete

A MARINAL Mono- Block Concrete swimming pool cast in one piece, thus watertight and resistant.

"The concrete density is unvarying, seamless, without any connection.
Thus, MARINAL traditional one-piece reinforced concrete
swimming pools do not have any point of failure, and therefore no risk to lose their watertight integrity."

This mono-block concrete construction technique is the most reliable
in terms of solidity and lifespan for your swimming pool.

Any Kind of Finishing,
Customized to Your Taste & Your Budget

  • Liner (PVC MEMBRANE)

  • waxed concrete

  • Stone

  • ceramic

  • glass